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it. was. one year on from the political earthquake that was wrecked city instability and uncertainty loom larger than ever over the u.k. future. the depths of much from the end only to the mother of a little. shrug of the rational a little bit of a dash dash one that that's an investment that we had as. a civilian suffering intensifies during the campaign to push myself out of rocca downscale raised over america's place liberation plans for the syrian city. and an eighty three year old holocaust survivor wins a gender discrimination case against an ally and after she was asked to move seats when it also talks to complained he couldn't sit next to her.
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thank you for watching r.t. international live from moscow. it's exactly a year since the u.k. voted to leave the european union though the actual divorce talks of only now begun the referendum result created a political earthquake the all of the shocks of which are still being felt today. we will go about as far as we want our country back. to go she should leave to begin under a new prime minister. pass on my thanks to his mom for their advice about toys i got the full woman this rex it means. i got a plan. doesn't have a clue how the i really lived
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a. community left behind i. will prime minister to reason make gambled and lost her parliamentary majority over the british a party boycott takes us through the twists and turns of britain's rocky roads to the breakup. it was a very changed the course of history the forty eight percent who voted to stay were outraged although the others they were delighted the sum has risen. to become a national bank holiday we will call it a. night of firearms may have been jumping the gun his so-called independence day is still
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a distant prospect the referendum result killed the political career of david cameron and allowed home secretary to resume aid to step up to the plate in the run up to the vote she had been a quiet remain but the desire to lead post brags that britain forced her to reconsider her position. bricks it means bricks it bricks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it a year down the line that sounds like something from an alternate universe considering that to reason made called an election in order to strengthen her hand in the braggs it talks but ended up free falling in the polls and losing her parliamentary majority her atrocious result meant that politically her weakened government limped into negotiations with brussels earlier this week and bear in
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mind these talks were never going to be a walk in the park chum created. what. can be concluded quickly. threats against a question that's been issued by european politicians commission was trying to bully the british people arguments over whether the u.k. would pave the e.u.'s one hundred billion gregg's it bill guaranteeing the rights the e.u. citizen. as in the u.k. and who would get custody of gibraltar what thought any issues but there is aroused took a back seat when britain was hit by a wave of terror for terror attacks in the space of just three months to be precise and many britons held to reason may direct the responsible because she'd been head of the home office for six years before becoming prime minister. and with all the
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security and political chaos few people even notice that earlier this week greg said negotiations officially kicked off but not in the way that london would have hoped the british government's already been accused of caving into brussels over the break that schedule and opinion polls now show that if the country got to vote again it would reject leaving you so just like two reason may the plan for braggs it went from strong and stable so weak and wobbly within the space of just one yeah. well meanwhile a special e.u. summit on breaks it is in its second day one of the major issues has been the rights of e.u. citizens in the u.k. and the opinions of the british prime minister and other european officials seem to differ widely junko says he still none the wiser as to what the u.k.
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actually wants. to do giving a clear idea of the kind of the u.k. government. what we're saying is that those citizens from e.u. countries who have come to the united kingdom who've made their lives in their homes in the united kingdom will be able to stay and we will go and see the rights in the united kingdom i think that's a very serious offer my first impression is that the u.k. so far is below expectations. as well while british politicians because sit some of their e.u. counterparts still hope the divorce can be avoided. you may say i live the level field. but i go file page corrections for everything. if your gov site to apply the brakes to i'll be pretty sad how they will never be
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outside the union that they're dead inside someone didn't still have that illusion which is a waste of time. before long. begins find out the extent to which wrecks it is a gentle stroll down the smooth path to a land of consumption. while another major challenge for the brakes in negotiations is avoiding a hard border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland one of the keyboard is in irish politics biased north and south of the border ition fane the body strongly opposes breck's it which is later has branded a mess. i want to ensure as much as possible that while there may be a political border between our two countries that there should not be an economic border and that any border that does exist should be invisible and we've committed to work on that to affirm those common goals and work together to achieve the best
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outcome possible for all of our people. ocean fane is one of the largest parties in the northern ireland assembly but it refuses to take up its seven seats in the british parliament well let's cross live now to m.e.p. martine around a son who's a member officer or wanting to thank you very much indeed for joining us well let's get straight to the nitty gritty of that why your party so opposed to rex's. well bracks it is going to be a disaster for ireland we cannot have a situation here where part of our land is in the way and part of our land is i mean if the good friday agreement strand to give the government the all ireland nature of. the alternate nature of that agreement manes that for instance we can't have two different regulator e standards in ireland so what we have been getting and the european parliament five hundred sixteen any piece in the european parliament voted two percent of the
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good friday agreement in all of its parts order to ensure there would be no hardening of the border in ireland and the unique and special circumstances we had that repeated in the gate lines were they confirmed that they should be the good trade agreement should be protected in all of its parts and then we had it in the negotiation directive so what we are saying to people quite clearly it is impossible for anyone to believe that to protect for instance the integrity of the single market is what europe wants to buy putting for instance a couple of causton points along the border a veyron and what that will do will be to damage our peace process and our political process and there's a treaty obligation point three point five of the european treaty and insist article three point five the european treaty and says that there will be no wrecking all of an international agreement and the good trade agreement is an international agreement it's large that the united nations and the erisa government
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and the british government are both cool garden tours of that agreement but mind you the british government to tour the government being propped up by one party here the democratic unionist party means that the british government is not acting with the rigorous impartiality that it's supposed to act and the committee act in that agreement or the impartiality what you're referring to there is the coalition with pay are you concerned that if terrorism a does form this coalition but your nearest political influence on the chance so as to frame how it could affect island . nothing could be further from the truth to treason may in the tour administrations all over the place you know we're sitting at the table where it matters and not. in europe you have twenty seven member states and you would think that that would be a little bit little bit of a challenge for people to get the twenty seven member states to come running the table into harmony agreement but yet that this exactly what we've done and what
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they have done but what you have a situation where the british government one year on and two months after triggering article fifty this week was supposed to be waked as part of the formal negotiations and the negotiations has got a four week negotiation rhythm and last week we had the preparation for that in the parliament is going to be booked and then week one and bleak for so week one with the preparation week to do was to be the exchange of documents with the british government and the british government was not ready there was no exchange of documents the meetings that took place or the meet and on the nineteenth were davis and barney was just a by calendar dates not an bolts we were there and supposed to be going into next week with intense negotiation that cannot take place because there are no exchange of documents because the british government's not ready when told it to negotiations will take place the proper negotiation whatever that will mean on the thirteenth of july so when you consider the time frame and we hared from trees in
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may the bracks that means bracks it says that they were prepared they were ready and they are not there all over the place and the fact that the propping up the tory administration at this time that's a smart shameful as it is the tory of ministration reachin i too want to dacian on this saying and we've had a terrible conflict here and we're trying to move away build reconciliation and the british government shouldn't be playing fast and loose with the good friday agreement and this exactly what they are doing well let's look ahead at some of the practicalities in terms of other timescales i mean what i've said is the fact that it's got to be within two years it's all going to be ready let's work on the basis that all right the calendar might be slightly out here but they're going towards that two year. gap except at the moment as it stands is a reality it's gone through no gears oppose a referendum so far even though despite some of the saying that it's a possibility so if you go forward with what would then be arlen's priorities in the back seat negotiations. well you certainly have said and they confirm
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and commit to sort of supporting the fact that the people of england and the people of wales forward to leave the people of the north of ireland forward it to remain and this is crucially important the good friday agreement confirmed and committed the constitutional position in the north or in the island would not change unless the people consented to it so we have got an international agreement a binding obligation on the two governments large the united nations but we have the situation of this is some that bracks it means we're going to be dragged i believe despite the fact that fifty six percent of the people in the north of ireland folded to remain so what we have done is presented a case to europe for designated special standards for the north to remain within the we have spoken to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of. and some of them their
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governments are sitting right in the kinds of chamber we've been on the diplomatic offensive we've been talking to ambassador and people are not just listening but. when we when we consider that europe has said that it needs flexible and then mightn't of solution where the keys to chin fane has made for a designated status for the north to remain within the respect in the i come of the democratic vote here in the north respective number seven the good friday agreement and all of its parts means that we have to remain in the north we have to be a member should the custom union membership of the single market we have to ensure that the european court of justice that prudence that it relates to the sampling and the way that it does that that continues that we have to get a. access to funding streams and that the island of ireland remains within the and it doesn't change the constitutional position or the relationship that is there with britain currently if that doesn't happen we have to then talk about a bite of irish unity so whatever breaks it is going to mean for the people of
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england and wales and acknowledge the fact that scotland forward it to remain we certainly have a situation and that are afraid that it is to leave by a binding agreement and do what i don't understand i mean pay thank you very much and thank your thoughts thank you. well the u.s. led coalition leading the anti eisel offensive for the syrian city of raka is bombing everyone that's what locals have told r.t. ruptly video agency despite the coalition's insistence that takes every civilian casualty seriously the grim situation on the ground suggests otherwise but only a bit of thought i knew that if this one what they are you had the guts of my family and almost a bit of model as you were assure you of a rational aim a little medal a dash there as well and that is nesmith has met but you were born your little niche that actually a little bit into bit of a bit of what else has been and the dome that has you had of all that and then has had modeled and had little to. put them up they are one in has it one as
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a move but i want. to. use a little blue. digit. mark to get. a show. well the u.s. led coalition hasn't denied using phosphorus which was just mentioned in its operations it's an extremely toxic substance and is banned from use as a weapon the coalition says it only uses phosphorus in ways that are permitted during battle for example to create a smoke screen however human rights watch has boys concerned saying the substance poses a high risk to civilians. well the leading force of fighting islamic state on the ground of the kurds who are being armed by the americans however washington's support for the kurdish fighters irritates its long term ally turkey kind of open reports on how the us has tried to get round this problem.
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turkey was furious when it found out that the united states their longtime ally in nato partner was going into rock without them. we do not need terrorist organizations like that p y d n y p g in the rock operation let us work together to wipe out. america the coalition and turkey can join hands and turn rocca into a graveyard for dash. as the united states is aligned with two bitter enemies in syria the turkish government and the kurdish fighters it's got a tricky bit of maneuvering to do secretary of defense mattis says that the united states will eventually take back the weapons it's now supplying to the kurds after the defeat of isis and this is turning into no small matter at this point the united states is shipping in heavy machine guns mortars other small arms and even some armored vehicles it's totaling over one hundred million dollars worth of war
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toys a large portion of which are going to the kurds when it's all finished some five hundred u.s. military personnel will have the task of collecting it all in an area that's almost the size of pennsylvania maybe they'll knock on doors and say hey you know those weapons we let you yeah you're finished with them right and who knows what answer they might get the united states has promised to monitor the area and send out a monthly report that will include photographs this sounds like a great idea as the usa has already lost track of billions of dollars worth of weapons they sent to iraq and some of those weapons have ended up in the hands of terrorists there i think mattis made chromos inuits letter which presumably was gone but it still knowing very well that it probably would not be believed and very well would not be carried out but he made it trying to locate the target the u.s. is supplying the weapons for that it is there the u.s. as a whole and. goals which seems to be to break off
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a part of syria to load the u.s. to dominate a separate part of syria basically they want to go to syria. and in violation of syria and stubborn integrity of countries torn apart by civil war with different factions vying for power as civilians flee in chaos the pentagon has a brilliant idea send in more weapons just so long as they promise to give them back caleb mop and r.t. new york. russians defense ministry has released a video showing missiles being launched from warships and a submarine in the mediterranean targeting islamic state positions in syria. russian intelligence is tracking eisel fighters who've been trying to escape their stronghold iraq through the so-called southern corridor that's pretty much their only way out as the city has been surrounded by u.s.
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led coalition forces for quite some time now for what we understand the fighters have been trying to go from to palmira the hamas profits and that's where they've been targeted in the latest series of air strikes from russia now as i still continue to lose ground a rocket this is certainly not the first time we've heard terrorists managed to escape the city in fact there have been reports last month of the kurds one of the main forces fighting isis opening up a chord or allowing the terrorists to leave the city of raka the kurds have the night this by the ministry of defense and russia have confirmed seeing the movement of large eisel convoy moving from towards palmira and these latest images released it shows six cruise missiles being launched from two warships and a submarine currently located in the mediterranean and the strikes managed to destroy and i still command center and several i saw weapons stockpiles in the province as well turkish and israeli forces that are also operating in the area they have been informed about the strikes in advance but nothing is said about
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communicating with the coalition forces as on monday russia has halted the agreement of military cooperation in syrian airspace for the u.s. after they downed a syrian government fighter jet near iraq on sunday. we asked award winning journalist martin j. about the differences between the russian and american approaches in syria. both of the strategies in the source of both of these big plays one on the american side there is a two pronged approach which is confusing and conflicting of the best of times america wants to support a large demographic of forces not its own of course but others largely kurdish who are supposed to take over and destroy isis positions but the same time the americans also have their own geo political struggle within syria against the assad regime. and of course the small for also forget. the other thing which is quite interesting is that their presence in syria is entirely legal so if you contrast
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that against the russians the russians don't have such a complicated idea towards what they're doing or what their objectives are they simply want to hit isis isis hard so that the extremist group can be completely eradicated. now eighty three year old woman's won a gender discrimination case against israel's national airline el al read a repeat of it's a holocaust survivor who had been given a seat next to an orthodox jewish man on her flight from new york to tel aviv but the crew asked her to move on after her neighbor insisted he couldn't sit next to a woman for religious reasons rabinowitz and her lawyer gave us more details about the case i spoke with the man and an ass what will is his problem with my life sitting next to him and he respond to par light liii bad if it is said in tahrir are
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bad manners should not sit next to or one. it's there that i did not think that was the case. there is no or good news. that supported me and brought up lawsuit first hearing was eighteen months after we. die our lawsuit but we're very satisfied with the result. they have up you know of each of the unlikely heroine a beautiful israeli in a way wonder woman was able to beat our main airline. is going to implement this verdict to all its thousands of employees and if within six months someone else encounters something like what our heroine has encountered
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there are. open to an avalanche of lawsuits actually what the verdict says is that unless it shapes up there are going to be many many lawsuits it's illegal it doesn't matter religious feelings or non-religious feelings it is illegal to tell a person to move because of their gender what was wonderful about renee's case is that in rene's case the flight attendant turned to her and said to our eighty three year old holocaust survivor please move yourself move to a different seat it's the flight attendants participation that made this case so clear to the court. well it's not the first time al house hit the headlines for religious reasons last year an ultra-orthodox passenger broke two video screens on board a plane when he considered an in-flight movie immodest activists even created a special video mocking the company. fortunately. six thirty if you're interested should you discover that you were seated next to me
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however currently live version of the. proceed to appear. in the unlikely event slated to didn't exist but you remain in your assigned seat simply reaching your seat only protection for your friends is this earring. well the court's decision was praised by activists read a ravine or it's told us she hopes it will prevent future cases of discrimination i also hope that there's sort of the challenger does sharon will and as a reach so of the rule. it will be difficult for a large hole or any out there line to resolve this week it could mean delay the sin right and that's a problem they're going to have just solved.
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saudi arabia and other gulf states have presented with a list of demands that must be met if it wants to have diplomatic and trade ties restored these were severed over alleged support of terrorism a middle east correspondent point to as will tom has been presented with a list of demands from saudi arabia the united arab emirates parade and egypt four nations that qatar or trade and diplomatic ties with the country now this came after the u.s. state department questioned the motives of the gulf states move now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward. the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about
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their concerns regarding carter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries now the next day the us secretary of state rex tillerson issued a statement saying that the list of such demands has been prepared he added that he hoped that the demands would be reasonable and actionable saying that we understand that this list is being prepared it's being coordinated by the saudis the iraq tease each option is and the bahrainis and we hope that it will be presented to qatar with and will be treated as reasonable and actionable now the list includes thirteen demands in total here are some of them first and foremost to curb all diplomatic ties with iran the listed trade and commerce with iran that complies with the u.s. and international sanctions will be permitted now the two states share the biggest natural gas field so that could be a problem as well it calls on shutting down al-jazeera and all qatar funded news
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outlets to terminate to military presence in qatar to any joint military cooperation with turkey that is taking place inside of qatar the list says that there needs to be agreement to all demands within ten days or the list becomes invalid now the document does not specify what the countries will do if qatar refuses to comply so of course it remains to be seen whether qatar will view these demands as either reasonable or actionable. well shortly after the demands were published in the media the foreign minister of the united arab emirates accused counselor of leaking them to the press he said it's either an attempt to undermine serious mediation or yet another sign of what he called a callous policy well as also be reaction from those mentioned in the demands al-jazeera called the gulf states demands for its closure nothing but an attempt to silence the freedom of art to abolish turkey's military presence in the country turkish defense minister said that it would be an intervention in the country's
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bilateral relations with the turkish base in qatar is a guarantor of security in the gulf and demands for its closure represented interference in its ties with. political commentators saeed moustapha horse chesham things such tough demands have been made by gulf states to strip qatar of its most powerful geopolitical assets they have raise some demands in order to empty the hands of qatar from the merits and winning races that it had that maybe. we wait like its ties with the muslim brotherhood like its ties strong ties with hamas gave him a say in the middle east peace in the palestinian views really should also use the strong ties with iran that made it a player a good actor in the region.


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